Manufacturing microchips is very complex and costly. Hundreds of automated process steps are required to produce a modern microprocessor from the raw material, quartz sand. The most common base for chips are discs of silicon crystals, called wafers. The requirements made of these discs are increasing every year. This is because ultra-thin, extremely durable and perfectly smooth wafers with unevenness of only a few nanometres are necessary for ever smaller and even more powerful microchips – and thereby for  smartphones, laptops, electronically controlled machines or intelligent cars of the future. ACCRETECH offers you ultra-modern machines and systems which you can use to manufacture precisely the types of wafers required in the semiconductor industry. We see ourselves not only as a developer and manufacturer, but also as a service provider and partner. Our global and European presence with a full sales and service network, as well as an application and demo centre in Munich, guarantees optimal support to our clients.